Malani Certificate Of Authenticity

At Malani Jewelers, we take immense pride in offering you not just jewelry, but an experience of unparalleled quality and assurance. With every purchase, you receive our Certificate of Authenticity, a testament to our commitment to excellence and your peace of mind.

What is the Certificate of Authenticity?

Our Certificate of Authenticity is more than just a piece of paper – it’s a binding document that assures you of the precise specifications of your purchase. It serves as a guarantee that everything detailed on your invoice is exactly what you have received.

How Does it Work?

Embedded within this certificate are comprehensive details outlining our Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry Guarantee, Warranty Policies, Care Instructions, and even our exclusive Lifetime Diamond Upgrade/Trade-in Policy. It acts as a personalized guide, tailored to your specific purchase with your unique invoice and client numbers.

Benefits for You

With this certificate, you gain invaluable benefits that set us apart from other jewelers. Our meticulous warranty coverage, encompassing gold, diamond and gemstone jewelry, offers you peace of mind against manufacturing defects and loss of gemstones. Additionally, our comprehensive Care Instructions empower you to preserve the beauty and integrity of your jewelry for generations to come.

Why Choose Malani Jewelers?

Our Certificate of Authenticity is not just a formality – it is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. With each purchase, you are not just acquiring exquisite jewelry; you are joining a legacy of trust and excellence upheld by Malani Jewelers for generations.

Your journey with Malani Jewelers doesn’t end with your purchase – it begins anew with every glance at your Certificate of Authenticity. Trust in our promise, cherish your jewelry, and let us accompany you on your remarkable journey through elegance and sophistication. Experience the
Malani difference – where authenticity meets excellence.

Contents Of

The Malani Certificate Of Authenticity

Gold Jewelry Guarantee

Congratulations! You have purchased an exclusive piece of jewelry, which is 22K/18K Gold guaranteed (or as described in your Sales Receipt) by Malani Jewelers, Inc, the standard bearers of purity and exemplary craftsmanship.

Malani''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Limited Lifetime Guarantee & Complimentary Service Policy

Any gold and diamond jewelry purchased from Malani Jewelers will be cleaned and polished free of charge, if the ownership of the jewelry belongs to the original purchaser. Malani Diamonds must be brought to our showroom for a professional cleaning and inspection once every quarter. At this time, your Diamond Certificate will be validated by a Malani Jewelers Manager/Sales associate. If at any time your Malani Diamond is lost from its original mounting, return the mounting along with this diamond certificate to our showroom for a free replacement (up to 0.1 Ct). The coverage of this warranty extends only to your Malani Diamond purchase. Malani Jewelers will not cover jewelry if found to be tampered with or damaged due to DIY or unprofessional repairs. This warranty does not cover loss or damage that is incurred in anything other than normal wear and tear*. Your personal insurance company should be responsible for the replacement of any diamonds of 0.10 ct and up. This warranty only covers certain manufacturing defects.

Gold And Gemstone Jewelry Warranty

22K Gold is one of the softest, precious metals on Earth and should be treated with extreme care. All clasps, earring backs and findings have ninety (90) days of limited warranty. Merchandise, once repaired, may not look as it originally appeared. Any gemstones lost from the original mount will be replaced, depending upon the gemstone availability and your willingness to our choice of a substitute; at no charge if no sign of tampering is observed. ** Beyond 90-Days, the customer will be responsible for any out-pocket charges Malani, Inc. incurs on the customer''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s behalf. (Restringing of beads is not part of this warranty)

How To Take Care of Your Jewelry

Special care should be given to all Gemstone & Diamond Jewelry. Avoid heat, strong cleaning solutions, ultra-sonic cleaning, and rough mishandling. Perfume/Hair Spray/Cologne/Make-Up or other Chemicals could damage the micro-porosity of Gold. Do not let your Diamonds and gems come in contact with chlorine or bleach because it can pit or discolor the mounting. Do not wear your diamonds and gems when your are doing any kind of household or manual labor. Although durable, a hard blow along the grain, can chip diamonds and gems. Do not store your diamonds and gemstone stones pieces all together in a drawer or jewelry case as they can scratch each other and also scratch other jewelry. Sometimes the corrosion of the metal may occur, forming very dark chemical compounds under the subsurface if exposed to a moist or wet condition. For more specific instructions on how to take care of your jewelry, please visit our website at

Life Time Diamond Upgrade/Trade in Policy

Only Diamond to Diamond jewelry trades qualify for upgrades.Up to 100% of the original purchase price will be applied towards a new diamond jewelry purchase. (Diamond should be in original condition free of any chips or damage and must be accompanied with the original receipt and certificate or appraisal)

  • The purchase price of the upgrade must be at least twice the price of your original diamond jewelry.
  • Upgrades are not qualified on pieces priced on "specials" or "online deals" or "deal of the day" or more than a 50% discounted price.
Disclaimer: (*)This warranty is extended only to the original consumer purchas­er of the jewelry, and may be enforced only by that purchaser.(**) Please note that the color of the replaced stone may vary. Depend­ing on the availability of stone, due to a specific cut and/ or size, additional charges might apply.